Zamudio Lab featured @CornellResearch site

We gathered all the Zamudio lab bodies that were on campus in late August for a photoshoot to accompany our lab profile… those of you who have done one of these before know how awkward it is to be photographed “acting normal” in front of the camera. We had fun – and here are some rockstar images of some of the members of the Zamudio Lab (Summer 2019). Photocredit: Dave Burbank

Amphibian decline podcast with the Science Show, ABC News, Australia

KZ was interviewed for a science podcast by Robyn Williams, a very fun science reporter from the Science Show, ABC News Australia. The conversation was wide-reaching, ranging from habitats, to fungi, to politics of Brazil, and international collaborations. Here is the podcast with a shout out to our wonderful Brazilian collaborators!

Cortland Kindergarten Learns All About Frogs

Jordan Garcia leads a discussion on frogs with students from Cortland.

Grad students from our lab are participating in GRASSHOPR this year, a Graduate Student School Outreach Program. GRASSHOPR pairs Cornell graduate students with teachers in Tompkins County and Geneva to teach 3- to 5-session mini-courses on topics related to the graduate student’s field or interests. Students at Randall Elementary in Cortland learned all about frog diversity, tadpoles and metamorphosis, and natural history.

More importantly, students got to meet “real frog scientists”!