Welcome Chloé Allen!

We are so happy to have recruited Chloé Allen to the KZ Lab! Chloé attended the University of Northern Georgia as an undergrad, where she gathered research experience working on toads and their parasites. She also did an REU at the California Academy of Sciences working with Rayna Bell on African puddle frogs. Welcome to the lab Chloé!

Welcome to three new grad students in the lab!

Three new grad students are joining the lab! We are super excited to have them and build our new UT group! Céline Carneiro (left) joins us from University of Florida and her work focuses on genomics and biodiversity. Rebecca Clemons (center) is coming from University of Michigan and her interests are in disease ecology. And Britt White (right) is already at UT and a new member of the lab co-advised with Justin Havird; her interests are in the evolution of color polymorphism in lizards.

Looking forward to some great science in the next years!

Zamudio Lab featured @CornellResearch site

We gathered all the Zamudio lab bodies that were on campus in late August for a photoshoot to accompany our lab profile… those of you who have done one of these before know how awkward it is to be photographed “acting normal” in front of the camera. We had fun – and here are some rockstar images of some of the members of the Zamudio Lab (Summer 2019). Photocredit: Dave Burbank

Jordan Garcia, PhD candidate

Congratulations to Jordan Garcia, for completing his A-exam today! Jordan’s thesis focuses on thermal performance and local adaptation in spotted salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum) across its wide latitudinal range.

As is tradition in EEB, he dented a lab ceiling tile with a champagne cork!

the perfect dent…