Lab News

Riddell et al. (2019) paper published in Nature Communications

Eric Riddell visited our lab a few years ago to work up the gene expression data in salamanders from different elevations kept at different temperatures, to test for the underpinnings of plasticity and response to thermal change. His paper was just published in Nature Communications.

This paper is a great example of integrative organismal biology, pairing field translocations, with gene expression, and predictive thermal susceptibility. Congrats to Eric for leading all the co-authors!

Figure 1 from From: Thermal cues drive plasticity of desiccation resistance in montane salamanders with implications for climate change

Jordan Garcia, PhD candidate

Congratulations to Jordan Garcia, for completing his A-exam today! Jordan’s thesis focuses on thermal performance and local adaptation in spotted salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum) across its wide latitudinal range.

As is tradition in EEB, he dented a lab ceiling tile with a champagne cork!

the perfect dent…

Large classes reduce participation, especially by women

A new paper, led by Cissy Ballen (former active learning post-doc and now Assistant Professor at Auburn), just published in Bioscience! Data from a large number of classes across multiple institutions show that large classes reduce equity in classroom participation, especially by women. Active learning can make up some of that classroom deficit by making big classrooms feel smaller.

How can instructors promote equitable participation in science classrooms? Smaller classes and diverse teaching strategies play big roles.

Cornell Chronicle wrote an article about our paper.

Two Lab Members attend the NextProf workshop at University of Michigan

Cinnamon Mittan and Anat Belasen are attending the NextProf workshop this week at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. This is a great professional development opportunity, and leads grad students and post-docs through the steps and expectations of applying for jobs and establishing an independent research career.

The next worshop, NexProf2019, will be in Atlanta Georgia in October 2019. Applications are due June 10, 2019.